Wheelers is run largely by volunteers, drawing on professional services (e.g. mechanics/ accountants) only where necessary.

Volunteer drivers typically give one day per week but are not driving all day. Volunteer drivers are in very short supply, please help if you can.

If you’d like to get involved but not drive, “Passenger Assistants” to help with access and shopping are needed. NB PA’s travel free!

Help with administration is also welcome.

Please contact us on 07597 273959 or by emailing us at WheelersCBP@gmail.com.


Friends of Wheelers may support by financial donation and large organisations are invited to grant-fund or sponsor Wheeler activities. 

Wheelers also benefits from small donations from regular travellers and from ad hoc fundraising by passengers and committee e.g. coffee mornings.


Running Wheelers involves a number of management/administrative functions such as: booking and logistics; fleet management (ensuring the vehicles are well-maintained and upgraded where appropriate); permits, licences and insurance; banking and payment of invoices; monthly drivers’ rota; funding applications and correspondence.

Activities such as passenger assistance (travelling on a bus to help with shopping bags and getting on/off).

Volunteer drivers and others able to assist with any of the jobs are welcome.

We can’t drive any more - and there’s no buses. So Wheelers is a life-line for our shopping and medical needs
Lawrence and Jennie McMinn, Eaton upon Tern
Community members