Wheelers bus journey routes.

Wheelers’ current bus routes have been developed in response to passenger requests. They are not fixed in stone and, as new passengers make new requests, they can be expanded or added to. However, at present:


Market Drayton

Route 1: 
Starting c. 09.00 in Wem proceeds via Whixall/Coton and Prees to Whitchurch (picking up at pre-arranged points and some individual addresses). It proceeds to Ash, Ightfield and Calverhall, progressing to Market Drayton. A connecting car pick up in Fauls Green, Bletchley and Woore

Route 2: 
Starting c. 09.00  in Wem proceeds to Stoke-on-Tern, Eaton-on-Tern, Hinstock, Cheswardine to Market Drayton. 


Wem Market

The historic route to Wem started in Whixall/Coton and travelled as far west as Hanmer before proceeding to Wem. Currently the route is occasional since passenger demand has changed but it is available in principle.


Whitchurch Market

Route 1: 
Starting c. 08.30 in Wem proceeds via Whixall/Coton, Tilstock, Prees and Millenheath to Whitchurch.

Return c. 11.15

Route 2: 
Starting c. 08.30 in Wem proceeds to Fauls Green, via A41 to Bletchley and on via Calverhall, Ightfield, Ash and Broughall to Whitchurch.

Return c. 11.45

Group Hires

As part of its community transport service, Wheelers also offers Group Hire (with driver) of its buses to meet social and welfare needs of groups within the community, including wheelchair users. The maximum capacity is currently 16 on our largest bus and smaller vehicles are available.

Significant notice (at least one month in advance) is required in order that drivers and vehicles may be secured and prepared.

Costs vary according to distance and number of journeys but, currently, there is a minimum charge of £100 plus £1 per mile.

Individual Journeys

Shropshire Council runs a Community Car Service for individual journeys such as hospital visits operated by volunteer drivers usually in their own cars. Requests should be made in the first instance to this service (01743 255613) with bases in Market Drayton, Wem, and Whitchurch (besides Oswestry and Shrewsbury). If the CCS is unable to help, they may refer the request to Wheelers, or passengers sometimes contact Wheelers directly by phone (voicemail) or email.

The charge to the passenger for this service (technically a donation contributing towards running costs) is in line with the Shropshire’s Community Cars. Regulated by HMRC, it is currently 45p per mile, calculated from the point of driver (not passenger) departure. Since the costs are reasonable (less than commercial alternatives if they were available), passengers may wish to make a donation over and above this basic rate.